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Microsoft Mesh is now generally available. Get ready to experience collaboration like never before with Mesh. Microsoft Mesh is not just about connectivity; it's an immersive leap into the future of teamwork and innovation. 

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Microsoft TAP

We, Hololux, are honored to be recognized by Microsoft as a key contributor to the Mesh Technology Adoption Program, highlighting our innovative strides in immersive technology. Explore our journey with Microsoft Mesh here.

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The future of collaboration and innovation has arrived. Don't be left behind. Partner with us and be part of a transformative journey with Microsoft Mesh.

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Start your Microsoft Mesh journey confidently with our expert consultants. They will guide you through strategic implementation, aligning each step with your business goals. Get personalized guidance to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Mesh with custom applications built by our skilled developers. From concept to deployment, we ensure your requirements are met and integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure for a transformative user experience.

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Enhance your brand's online identity with our design services led by expert 3D artists. We create immersive, functional experiences tailored to your business, ideal for collaboration, presentations, or portfolio showcases. Our custom spaces differentiate your brand and drive innovative audience engagement.

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We are Hololux, your digital innovation pioneers and proud partners of Microsoft. Our quest? To usher in the era of immersive technologies like Microsoft Mesh, paving the way for enhanced communication and collaboration for all. Contact us to get started with Microsoft Mesh or develop your custom solution for the future of collaboration!

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