Conversation with Rama Sbeinaty: Microsoft Mesh and Women in Tech

Caroline LessingerInterview

The recent Explore Metaverse & AI event in Dubai offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of technology. Christian Glessner had the privilege of interviewing Rama Sbeinaty, a trailblazer in the tech community and founder of the MetaVero Community. This meeting, a delightful reunion since their first encounter at Gitex Global last year, delved into several groundbreaking topics.

Microsoft Mesh & MetaVero Community

Microsoft Mesh: A Vision of Unified Reality

The conversation explored the transformative potential of Microsoft Mesh. This innovative platform is reshaping how we interact in virtual spaces, breaking down geographical barriers and creating a more connected world. It’s not just a technological leap but a paradigm shift in global collaboration and networking.

The MetaVero Community

Rama Sbleinaty shed light on the vibrant MetaVero community, a hub for enthusiasts and professionals passionate about Mixed Reality and AI technologies. This community stands at the forefront of the tech revolution, fostering innovation, learning, and collaboration in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The event underscored Dubai’s commitment to advancing Mixed Reality and AI technologies. The city is rapidly becoming a global tech hub, with initiatives and investments that signal a bright future for these emerging fields.

Women in Tech in Dubai

Contrary to common misconceptions in some European circles, the tech industry in Dubai tells a different story about women’s participation in technology. The event showcased the significant and growing presence of women in the tech field in the UAE. These women are not just participating; they are leading and innovating, challenging stereotypes and redefining the landscape of technology. Their involvement highlights the progressive nature of the tech industry in Dubai and serves as an inspirational beacon for aspiring women technologists worldwide.

Empowerment Through Technology

The involvement of women in tech in Dubai, as evidenced at the event, underscores a larger trend of empowerment and inclusivity. The UAE’s tech sector is proving to be a fertile ground for women to explore, innovate, and excel in technology. Their active participation and success are paving the way for a more balanced and diverse technological future.

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Looking Forward

The Explore Metaverse & AI event not only highlighted the potential of technologies like Microsoft Mesh but also shed light on the positive trends regarding gender inclusivity in tech. The growing prominence of women in this field in Dubai is a testament to the evolving nature of the tech world, one that embraces diversity and fosters innovation. As the global tech community continues to grow, the contributions of women in this space are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology.