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Our Experience with Microsoft Mesh’s Immersive Meetings

Alissa FrangenInsights

In the ever-evolving digital era, the lines between the physical and virtual world continue to blur, giving rise to innovative platforms that promise to transform the way we connect and collaborate. Microsoft Mesh stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a platform designed to bring remote and hybrid teams together in a shared digital space. Our team at Hololux has embarked on this exciting journey, integrating Mesh into our daily meetings to explore the potential of immersive collaboration. In this blogpost, we share our experiences, insights, and the balance of innovation and challenges that defined our journey in the private preview of Microsoft Mesh.

The Immersive Experience

Microsoft Mesh has opened the doors to a new dimension of digital interaction, allowing us to step inside a shared virtual space and connect in ways that were once unimaginable. With avatars representing each team member, we’ve found a unique sense of co-presence, fostering a stronger sense of connection and collaboration. The platform’s spatial audio features enhance the experience, making conversation feel more natural and lifelike, even when we’re kilometers apart.

Positive Aspects

Our team has wholeheartedly embraced the spatial conversations enabled by Mesh, finding value in the ability to work and discuss simultaneously in a shared space. The platform has also enhanced the connection between shared content and the presenter, making our team meetings more engaging and interactive. With support for various clients, Mesh ensures inclusivity, allowing team members to connect regardless of their device.

The immersive environments and game-like appeal have added a layer of enjoyment to our meetings, transforming them from mundane tasks to engaging experiences. Presenters can now hold more dynamic and captivating presentations, capturing the team´s attention and fostering a more profound understanding of the content.

Challenges and Areas for Improvement

Despite the numerous benefits, our journey with Microsoft Mesh has not been without its challenges. The representation of actual persons through avatars has been a point of contention, with many feeling that the platform does not adequately capture their likeness. Our non-VR attendees have also noted the limitations in gestures, while VR attendees have faced friction and limited battery life.

The integration and content sharing aspects of Mesh leave room for improvement, with issues in expressing details and sharing 3D content. The disparity in user experience between low and high-quality users has also been a notable challenge, along with the occasional imbalance and quietness of spatial audio.

Looking Forward

As we navigate the virtual landscape of Microsoft Mesh, we recognize the platform´s potential to revolutionize digital collaboration. While we celebrate the enhanced connections and engaging experiences it has brought to our daily meetings, we also acknowledge the areas in need of refinement.

Our journey with Mesh is a testament of the potential of immersive technology in the workspace, and we remain excited about the future possibilities it holds. With continued improvements and updates, we believe that Microsoft Mesh has the potential to redefine the way we connect, collaborate, and create in the digital world.

Microsoft Mesh Immersive Meetings

In conclusion…

… our experiences with Microsoft Mesh have provided a glimpse into the future of digital collaboration, offering a blend of innovation, engagement, and challenges. As we continue to explore this virtual frontier, we remain optimistic about the potential of immersive technology to transform our daily meetings and bring our team closer together, regardless of the physical distance between us. The journey with Microsoft Mesh is just beginning, and we are eager to see how it will continue to shape the future of our digital interactions.