Unveiling the Microsoft Mesh DevKitchen Journey🚀

Caroline LessingerBehind the Scenes

Step into innovation with our new experience: a behind-the-scenes insight into the Microsoft Mesh DevKitchen, in an exclusive Hololux video!

Curious about the adrenaline-pumped life akin to a rockstar, but in IT? Our founder, Christian Glessner, acclaimed as a Microsoft MVP, once harbored dreams of rocking stages worldwide. Instead, fate steered him to a tech career, spinning his rockstar aspirations into IT stardom.

This video takes you on a journey where passion and skill intersect. You’ll see exciting sessions filled with enthusiasm, a blend of cultures, and dynamic brainstorming that paved the way for Hololux. It’s not just a workplace, but a sanctuary for those seeking a career infused with passion and creativity.

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