Your Virtual Christmas Party – MeshMas 2023 

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As the holiday season nears, companies around the globe are rethinking their usual Christmas celebrations, adapting to the swift shifts in technology. Hololux is a leader in this shift, presenting a unique virtual Christmas party experience with MeshMas 2023. This blog post will examine the multitude of benefits that come with organizing a virtual Christmas party, especially via the advanced and engaging capabilities of Microsoft Mesh.  

We aim to show how this digital platform overcomes geographical limitations, infusing inclusivity, budget-friendliness, and a touch of personalization into corporate holiday festivities. We will also guide you through the distinctive features of the Mesh platform to the captivating MeshMas Village, a place brimming with virtual snowball fights, treasure hunts, and VR sledding. The combination of Microsoft Mesh’s innovative technology with classic holiday elements creates a memorable event for your team.

What benefits do Virtual Christmas Parties offer to Companies?

  1. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Virtual parties allow employees who work remotely or are based in different locations to participate, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join in the festivities, regardless of their physical location.  
  1. Cost-effectiveness: Virtual parties can be more budget-friendly compared to traditional in-person events. They eliminate costs associated with venue rentals, catering, transportation, and accommodation for guests.  
  1. Flexibility in Scheduling: Virtual events can be more easily scheduled and attended, as they require less time commitment from employees. This is particularly beneficial for those with other commitments or who live in different time zones. 
  1. Safety and Health Considerations: In light of health concerns, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual parties offer a safe way to celebrate without the risk of spreading illness.  
  1. Customization and Personalization: Virtual platforms can offer high levels of customization, from personalized digital invitations to themed virtual backgrounds, catering to diverse interests, and making the event even more memorable.  
  1. Environmentally Friendly: By reducing the need for travel and physical resources, virtual parties are more environmentally sustainable than traditional parties.  

What are the Key Features of the Mesh Platform?

  • Enterprise Ready: Backed by Microsoft 365 for compliance and security.  
  • Teams Integration: Seamlessly connects with Microsoft Teams for collaborative experiences.  
  • Mesh Custom Worlds: Build interactive, custom worlds for tailored experiences.  
  • Mesh Physics: Enhance realism and dynamism in virtual environments.  
  • Mesh Scripting: Enables developers to create dynamic content.  
  • Visual Scripting: Simplifies scripting with visual tools.  

Structure of the MeshMas 2023 Village  

Entering the core of MeshMas 2023, we’re greeted by the MeshMas Village, a digital realm meticulously designed for engagement and wonder. Nestled within the Microsoft Mesh platform, this virtual village exemplifies the fusion of festive Christmas spirit and digital innovation. We invite you to explore the integral parts of the MeshMas Village, where every segment has been thoughtfully crafted to amplify the festivity and connection of your virtual Christmas celebration.  

The Stage Area 

Microsoft Mesh Metaverse Christmas Party

The Stage area is placed in the center of the Christmas Village, adorned with sparkling lights and enchanting decorations. This dynamic space provides a platform where speakers can captivate a large audience, enhancing their speeches with engaging videos and compelling presentations.  


The Giant MeshMas Tree 

The centerpiece of the village is the Giant MeshMas Tree, decorated with bright lights and sparkling ornaments. This tree is surrounded by presents, creating a magic and uniquely festive atmosphere.  


The Bar  

Right next to the Stage Area, there is a comfy bar. It is a relaxed spot where people can chat in a cozy setting. Here, guests can enjoy a quiet place to chat, surrounded by a delightful selection of chocolates, sweets, and a calming atmosphere.  



Virtual Snowball fight 

Participate in a casual snowball fight where users can pick up snowballs from the environment and throw them around. Aim carefully to hit other players, simulating the fun of a real snowball fight in a relaxed setting. 


Treasure Hunt   

In this mini-game users search the entire map for 6 gifts, each gift hides a small envelope. Once all gifts have been found, the option to unlock Santa’s sleigh becomes available, allowing players to navigate the village from a different perspective.

VR Sled riding  

Once all the letters have been found, users can unlock the sleds feature. By positioning themselves on the sled and clicking the ride button, they can navigate the Christmas village and get a bird’s eye view of the charming scenery.  

Virtual Photo Booth* 

Users can grab and place various Christmas accessories and take pictures in the experience. These pictures are fun to take and share internally or on social media to show your company is innovative and fun to work at.  

*This feature is currently a work in progress and the described features and experiences may vary in the final implementation.  

Build your own Snowman*

Make your own snowman and decorate it. It’s a fun tradition and makes the experience of building a snowman available, even for people who live in regions where it never snows. You can also take a picture with your snowman in the game’s Photo Booth. Or, for fun, try to make your snowman look like someone you work with. 

*This feature is currently in the concept phase, and the described features and experiences may vary in the final implementation.  

Virtual Christmas Tree Decoration*

Collaboratively decorate a towering, low-poly Christmas tree using inventive tools like catapults and scaffolds. Join your colleagues in this playful, creative activity, adorning the tree with colorful ornaments and stars that symbolize wishes for the next year.  

*This feature is currently in the concept phase, and the described features and experiences may vary in the final implementation. 

 The Magic of MeshMas 

As we approach the end of this exploration of MeshMas 2023 and its capacity to transform your holiday celebrations, it’s clear that a virtual Christmas party is more than just an event – it’s an opportunity to connect, share joy, and create lasting memories in a dynamic digital environment.  

For companies looking to break away from the conventional and step into a world where technology meets tradition, MeshMas 2023 is your gateway to an extraordinary celebration. If you’re ready to give your team a holiday experience they’ll talk about for years to come, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s collaborate to create a virtual Christmas party that reflects your company’s spirit and values, and ushers in the holiday season with a burst of digital magic.  

Contact us today to start planning your memorable virtual Christmas party with MeshMas 2023. Let’s bring the magic of the holidays to your team, no matter where they are.