Fola Okeyinja on Microsoft Mesh Public Preview Launch

Caroline LessingerInterview

As part of the exciting Microsoft DevKitchen event, we had the exclusive opportunity to catch up with Fola Okeyinka, PMP, CSM and Product Manager for Mesh, amidst the buzz of the Microsoft Mesh Public Preview launch party. More than just a party, DevKitchen was a gathering of bright minds and groundbreaking ideas. As we mingled with the crème de la crème of the tech world, the conversation naturally turned to innovation, specifically the kind that Mesh is poised to bring to the table.

Overlooking the twinkling lights of Seattle, Fola Okayinka shared her expertise on the collaborative promise of Microsoft Mesh. Her excitement was palpable as she discussed the platform’s potential to transform teamwork and creative processes across industries. Amidst the clinking glasses and celebratory atmosphere, Christian had a revelation to share about Mesh – a feature that is subtle yet profoundly influential in the way we will use technology to interact in the future.

Why this is a must-watch

The video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, innovation and social interaction. Fola’s deep knowledge, coupled with the exuberant energy of the party, provides a compelling insight into what Mesh means for the future of tech-driven collaboration. Join us in celebrating this milestone for Microsoft and have a front-row seat to the unfolding story of Microsoft Mesh’s role in shaping our digital future.

As you watch, let the ideas stir in your mind and join the conversation. What does Microsoft Mesh mean to you? How do you see it changing the way you work, play, and everything in between? Share your thoughts and spread the word.