Microsoft Mesh Public Preview

Exploring Microsoft Mesh: from Private to Public Preview

Caroline LessingerNews

We at Hololux are excited to share our insights on Microsoft Mesh, now available for public preview! Our team was honored to be among the selected few to participate in the Mesh private preview, giving us a front row seat to shape the next wave of virtual communication & collaboration. Therefore, we were able to gain valuable experience months in advance, implement great projects, and work closely with the Mesh team at Microsoft! 🤝 
For instance, during the Mesh private preview, our team explored the depths of Mesh Physics at an internal hackathon. This feature stands out for its ability to gamify virtual experiences, facilitating deeply immersive interactions in shared digital spaces.
This is just the beginning of our adventure with the Microsoft Mesh platform. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking content and insights from Hololux. Don’t get left behind; embrace the next generation of collaboration tools with Microsoft Mesh. 
Dive into the Future of Collaboration with Hololux and let us be your guide on your Microsoft Mesh Public Preview journey. Stay connected with us, and let’s pioneer the next era of digital collaboration together!

Microsoft Mesh Private Preview | Mesh Physics Hackathon

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