Your Virtual Christmas Party – MeshMas 2023 

Caroline LessingerShowcase

As the holiday season nears, companies around the globe are rethinking their usual Christmas celebrations, adapting to the swift shifts in technology. Hololux is a leader in this shift, presenting a unique virtual Christmas party experience with MeshMas 2023. This blog post will examine the multitude of benefits that come with organizing a virtual Christmas party, especially via the advanced and engaging capabilities of Microsoft Mesh.   We aim to show how this digital platform overcomes geographical limitations, infusing inclusivity, budget-friendliness, and a touch of personalization into corporate holiday festivities. We …

Microsoft Mesh Art Space

Redefining the Metaverse: Microsoft Mesh Art Space – The Neon Planet

Alissa FrangenShowcase

The digital realm has long been a place of innovation and wonder. But with the dawn of the Metaverse, we stand on the brink of an entirely new dimension in digital experiences. With great pride, we introduce our latest project, developed as part of the Microsoft Private Preview for Microsoft Mesh: An immersive Metaversal Art Showcase – The Neon Planet. Redefining Metaverse Spaces Gone are the days when the Metaverse was just a digital alternative to our office cubicles. The Neon Planet showcases the potential of vibrant art spaces within …

Christmas Party in Metaverse by Hololux

Christmas Party in Microsoft Mesh: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Caroline LessingerShowcase

Empower your team with a Metaverse experience unlike any other! Invite your employees to join an exciting virtual event on the Microsoft Mesh platform, a Christmas Party in Microsoft Mesh. Dive into a fully immersive Winter Wonderland, tailored for employee engagement and team bonding. This isn’t just a holiday bash – it’s an interactive realm where festivities, fun, and collaboration merge seamlessly.  Engage, Enjoy & Embrace the Spirit of your Christmas party with Microsoft Mesh – happy MeshMas! 🎉  Want to hop on this sleigh ride? Contact Us! 📩    

Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Mesh: Vienna’s Microsoft Austria HQ Reimagined in the Metaverse

Christian GlessnerShowcase

Hello, dear iLoveMesh community! We at Hololux are buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to share our newest venture with you. Dive into our Metaverse in Action: an interpretation of the iconic Microsoft Austria headquarter in Vienna, that we have built during the private preview. If a sense of familiarity washes over you, it’s probably because you’ve admired it as the hero image on the Microsoft Mesh website. 😃 This isn’t just an office; it’s an Microsoft Mesh experience: The skymap we’ve curated serves as more than just a visual …